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Good sleep is one of the most important foundations for a healthy life. It is all the more important that we as therapists, doctors or health advisors can provide our customers, clients and patients with advice. We will train you to become sleep experts so that you can expand your knowledge about sleep and help your customers, clients and patients sleep better with competent advice.

Training as a sleep coach

In collaboration with the IST Study Institute, we offer certified training to become a sleep coach. The 2-month training forms the basis for joining the coach network.

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Further education and training

As a smartsleep coach, we offer you various advanced training modules with which you can continually expand your knowledge in the area of ​​sleep and gain new skills.

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Coach Network

In our Coach Network, our qualified sleep coaches can network with each other, continue their training and take part in exclusive workshops and network days. We check the professional competence of our sleep coaches and guarantee that every coach has a certain basic qualification.

Sleep coaching training

Competence in training and further education

Realize your goals with the IST's part-time training courses! Here we offer in-depth training to become a sleep coach in cooperation with the IST Study Institute. Add sleep psychology knowledge to your know-how and get certified.

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Our smartsleep® sleep coaches

Find out more about our certified sleep coaches and find the right coach for you to sustainably improve your sleep.

Sleep Coach Network

The smartsleep® partner program

We are always looking for inspiring personalities who fit well with our brand and can inspire people to get a good night's sleep. Apply simply and without obligation to become a smartsleep® brand ambassador and become part of the smartsleep® family!

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Interesting facts about healthy sleep

Would you like to learn more about sleep now? In our sleep magazine you will find interesting articles and exciting information on numerous topics relating to sleep and health.

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Are you interested in working together in the area of ​​sleep coaching? Then contact us!