Little sleep and a well-rested idea

Die smartsleep Story

Since 2004 our smartsleep founder Dr. Markus Dworak was fascinated by the subject of sleep. Already in his doctoral thesis Markus dealt with why we have to sleep every day and which factors are important for our recovery during sleep. Markus reached the peak of his research as a scholarship holder at the renowned Harvard University in the USA and with the award of the Young Talent Award of the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine. Despite his research successes, however, the fact that Markus himself often neglected sleep due to his job, family and many hobbies did not change. So he went in search of products that could support sleep in a natural way that made sense and was free from side effects.

smartsleep team gruender dworak ulrich matthieu

From the idea to the product

Together with two good friends, the design & brand experts Daniel Matthieu and Burk J. Ulrich, Markus worked on a perfect product, the optimal packaging and a strong brand that should offer people worldwide an innovative solution for better sleep. In 2015, Daniel, Burk and Markus finally founded Smart Sleep GmbH and thus laid the foundation for a well-rested and successful future.

Once through the lion's den

On September 18th, 2018 the time had come. We appeared in front of the "The Lion's Den" jury and immediately convinced all five investors of us. The biggest deal in the history of the show so far went to smartsleep! We used that to keep improving and develop great new products.

smartsleep hoehle der löwen vox mit dr markus  dworak. größter deal der sendung
smartsleep für sauberen Sport und Antidoping Jama Saidi Boxer im Ring

Our commitment to clean sport

All our smartsleep® products have been tested for banned substances and are free from performance-enhancing substances and harmful substances.