Fitbit® Aria Air - Smart Scale

Club-Prämie | 3000 Punkte

Keep an eye on your own health and wellbeing with the Fitbit® Aria Air smart scale. The scale measures your weight and simultaneously syncs it to the Fitbit® app via Bluetooth. You can display your personal BMI, clearly present your developments and progress and at the same time check how your activities and your diet affect the goals you have set yourself.

  • Display and measure your weight
  • Stats are synced to your Fitbit® dashboard via Bluetooth
  • View progress in the Fitbit® app in easy-to-read charts
  • Multiple users can use one scale by pairing their smartphones with it
  • Setting up via smartphone Bluetooth is very easy and only takes a few minutes
  • Compatible with the Fitbit® app, which lets you log food, workouts and more
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